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Ace Hardware - Plastic Hardware Boxes

  • 16 Jan 2019 5:36 PM
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    Downtown Ace Hardware recently replaced all of their small hardware boxes with new ones. They are selling the old ones, but might be willing to donate some to the Creator Hub if we put in a donation application.

    Do we want some of these boxes? If so how many?  I can submit the form and pick up the boxes if the request is approved.

    Please see attached picture of boxes.

    Dave Graham

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  • 17 Feb 2019 10:46 AM
    Reply # 7169888 on 7005676

    I submitted the paperwork several weeks back and never heard back from them.  I need to get over there and pester them to find out if they have any interest in acting on it.

  • 8 Mar 2019 2:59 PM
    Reply # 7207358 on 7005676

    If you went by ACE and picked up the 50 hardware boxes.  Please call Dave Graham at 970-484-4577.

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